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Wedding Book Reviews: Fiction / Novels
Do you need an escape from all the wedding planning stress? Why not read a great wedding-themed
romantic novel? Here are some of our favorites for both you and your bridesmaids.
That's Amore! Authors: Janelle Denison, Tori Carrington and Leslie Kelly
Are you ready for a great novella of love stories by today's hot romance authors? Janelle Denison, Tori Carrington and Leslie Kelly bring you a wonderful collection of Love that's not exactly American-style in That's Amore! Cultural family traditions are intertwined into each story - from a Hawaiian arranged marriage custom, to a Greek wedding and then onto a Chicago style Italian family wedding.

Meet the Parents by Janelle Denison: Leila, a hawaiian daughter is expected to marry a Hawaiian groom that her parents select for her. But, Leila has plans of her own.....and the groom is a California bad boy. Can he persuade Leila's parents that he's the one for their daughter?
I Do, Don't I? by Tori Carrington: Efi is ready to marry her childhood sweetheart Nick - in just one week. The only problem is - their families seem determined to keep them apart and turn the wedding into a Greek tragedy. Each chapter is another day leading up to the wedding day, or will there be a wedding?
There Goes the Groom by Leslie Kelly: Luke is engaged to 'a nice Italian Girl' (aka: bridezilla)...but when he ends up having to check on the wedding dress more than once (his fiancé just can't seem to make the appointments), he ends up falling for the dressmaker, Rachel, who is designing his fianceés bridal gown. The problem, he's engaged to be married and Rachel isn't Italian. What's a guy to do?

All 3 stories are linked by the online favor company There's even bonus features including a list of wedding customs and their origin, top ten lists and a GREAT bonus read!

The Bridesmaid Chronicles: First Dance
Authors: Karen Kendall, Kylie Adams, Julie Kenner
Karen Kendall's 3rd book in The Bridesmaid Chronicles is superb! I read it in record time because I just didn't want to put it down. If you read Karen's first book in this series, you will absolutely love First Dance.

In First Dance, Manhattan's top female divorce attorney, Vivien, heads to Texas in the hopes of getting her bride-to-be best friend to sign a pre-nup (her idea of a great wedding present). But, she soon finds out that one of the groomsmen (also a lawyer) is deadset against a pre-nup, plus he is itching for a fight, in particular one with Vivien. A woman he was involved with in the past and has a score to settle, or will his heart take over and lead him to something else?

Additional novels in the collection include: First Date by Karen Kendall, First Kiss by Kylie Adams and First Love by Julie Kenner.

Dixieland Sushi | by Cara Lockwood | visit author's web site
If you enjoyed Cara Lockwood's novel I Do (But I Don't), she is back with another WINNER! Dixieland Sushi is a fun story filled with witty dialogue and a superb cast of characters.

Much of the author's own culture and childhood come thru in Dixieland Sushi, as she, like the main character Jen, grew up in a bi-racial family of English and Japanese decent. Cara's pop-culture hero, Mr. Miyagi, is featured at the start of each chapter with his Karate Kid words of wisdom. Every other chapter is an 80's flashback which helps to introduce you more to Jen and her quirky ways. While some may think the references to 80's iconic culture is overdone - if you were a teenager in the 80's you will love the references, as most likely, you experienced each one - but might be hesitant to admit it :)

Cara writes of Jen Nakamura Taylor, whose cousin has announced she is marrying Kevin Peterson. This is the boy that Jen has secretly had a crush on since childhood. Realizing that she can't get out of not attending the wedding, Jen must find a date. So she persuades her best friend Nigel Riley to escort her back home to the south. As Jen works hard at surviving the meeting of past and present back home, she finally learns to come to terms with her heritage, her love life, and herself.

A definite must-read! Sure hope Lifetime TV has plans to make this novel into a movie as well.

The Bridesmaid Chronicles: First Date
Authors: Karen Kendall, Kylie Adams, Julie Kenner
Starting in June 2005 - you will be able to read 4 books in 4 months with a brand new series of romantic novels entitled The Bridesmaid Chronicles. It's a series all about weddings - starting with 3 books, each about a bridesmaid's love story, and leading up to a bride's big wedding day in the fourth book.

Karen Kendall has written the first book First Date in The Bridesmaid Chronicles . . . Jersey girl Sydney is determined to put a stop to the upcoming wedding of her little sister and her Texan boyfriend who she's dated only 1 month. There's one problem though . . . Sydney's heart gets distracted by the groom's sexy best friend Alex in the process. First Date is a joy to read and filled with both laughter and sentiment. Collect all 4 novels for yourself or give the entire set as a bridesmaid gift.

Additional novels in the collection will include: First Kiss by Kylie Adams,
First Dance by Karen Kendall and First Love by Julie Kenner.

The Accidental Duchess | from 'How To Marry a Duke' Anthology
Sandy Blair's The Accidental Duchess is one of 3 novellas in the anthology How To Marry a Duke. You know a story is going to be a good one when the author has you hooked by the 2nd page. And Sandy Blair did just that in The Accidental Duchess, just as she had done in her novel A Rogue in a Kilt - which I recently finished reading and also highly recommend.

In The Accidental Duchess, Rachael, a destitute governess, find shelter in what appears to be a townhouse that has been left unoccupied for the winter months. But, when the owner, Connor, the eighth Duke of Kilgory, returns and finds Rachael asleep in his bed - the story quickly grabs your interest even more. It's guaranteed you won't want to stop reading until you've finished the story. Sorry, I can't say anymore, you'll have to grab a copy of the book and find out what makes Sandy Blair's writing style so special and unique.

The two other novellas in this anthology are To Woo a Duke by Debbie Raleigh and A Touch of Magic by Regan Allen.

It's My Wedding TOO | by Sharon Naylor | visit author's web site
It is said... "you should not judge a book by it's cover" .... but, through an unmannerly way, this book cover does a good job of exposing itself about the contents. In It's My Wedding TOO, by Sharon Naylor, yes, the one and the same Sharon Naylor, who has written for you so many wonderful wedding idea and guide books, writes her first fiction story. What an incredible story she weaves for her bride-to-be, Emilie. Emilie needs her caring and nuturing mother to resurface and be the woman Emilie remembers. But, years ago, her mother had transformed into the now influential romance novelist and world renowned Delilah Winchester (formerly Donna Penks), and has her own ideas as to how Emilie and Anthony's wedding should be. Meanwhile, Anthony's mother, homemaker extraordinare', Carmela, has her perceptions regarding her precious son's day. Conflicts ensue, including an outrageous dress fight that erupts between the two mother's at a designer's salon in NYC.

Author Sharon Naylor conjures up circumstances with every turn of the page. By throwing in an impromtu bridal shower for Emilie, her wedding ideas abound. Unbeknown, the reader even gets caught up in a scheme for a destination wedding.

Sharon Naylor's use of wording for her character is crude at times. Also, Sharon's use of adjectives is too engulfing as she tries to reach her conveying thought.

This Side of Married | by Rachel Pastan | visit author's web site
This Side of Married is written with the same spirt found in the beloved Jane Austen novels, but the setting is now an affluent 21st-century Philadelphia suburb.

Rachal Pastan provides us with a well-written modern day take on Jane Austen's writing style (elegant and satirical). Rachel combines intrigue with witty dialogue, making for a story that just might become a classic of its own.

In Rachel Pastan's debut novel, she offers us a superb cast of characters that include a meddling mother, three delightful sisters (Isabel, Alice and Tina), and of course some good and bad men.

The story focuses on the different relationships between the sisters and how the expectations of their parents (mainly their mother) interact with their personal lives. The story does take a few chapters to pick up interest, but there's no doubt that once you get into it, you will find yourself enjoying the stories of the Rubin sisters. While Rachel does leave us guessing at the end of the story, one can only hope that it means a sequel is in the works.

Love Comes Softly | by Janette Oke
Love Comes Softly is an inspirational fiction romance novel that you just won't want to put down until the last word is read. Author Janette Oke's warm writing style will win your heart and tug at your heartstrings while delivering a picturesque prairie lifestyle. Love Comes Softly will take you back to a time where daily life was a struggle, but non-the-less triumphant. It was a pleasure reading the saga of main characters Clark and Marty (her real name is Martha). Their life complications are captivating.

Miss Julia Throws a Wedding | by Ann B. Ross | visit author's web site
The WB's Gilmore Girls goes southern-well kind of. Ever wish you lived in that fictitious town of Stars Hollow? Well, in Miss Julia Throws a Wedding you can also picture another quirky population located in a small southern town. With her southern charm and some stubbornness mixed in, Miss Julia's character is ever trying to do the proper thing. The mistress of Miss Julia's deceased husband and her child fathered by him live with Miss Julia. This book has Miss Julia planning a wedding for a couple who would just as soon elope. Miss Julia finds herself in a plot filled with twists and turns and choices of ethics. A thoroughly enjoyable and humorous story. You will want to read page after page until you have finished the book, but don't feel blue when you're done because there are more Miss Julia escapades to enjoy.

Where Two Seas Met | by Lynn and Gilbert Morris
This is one book you won't want to put down. Where Two Seas Met is a beautifully written historical romance novel by a father/daughter writing team (Gilbert and Lynn Morris). The authors' descriptive and intriguing writing style will capture your heart and make you believe that no matter what obstacles you may come across, there is always a "happily ever after". While reading Where Two Seas Met, you will feel like you stepped back into history and are right there with the characters. And you will fall in love with the strong-willed Cheney and ever-supporting Shiloh.

Look for the "Continuing Saga of the Much-Loved Cheney and Shiloh Series" to be released in April 2004. This is one novel I am eagerly awaiting.

FROM THE EDITORIAL REVIEW: Their Wedding Vows Would Quickly Be Put to the Test. Newlyweds Cheney Duvall and Shiloh Irons-Winslow are enjoying an idyllic honeymoon aboard a ship in the West Indies. But when a fierce storm interrupts their carefree days, Cheney and Shiloh find themselves on a small island facing a mysterious illness.

I Do (But I Don't) | A novel by Cara Lockwood | visit author's web site
Now A LifeTime Original Movie
A WITTY ROMANTIC COMEDY NOVEL - a must read to ease the stress while planning your own wedding. It's a book you won't want to put down. One evening, I sat down to read this book, I was so engrossed that when I looked at the clock, I saw that I had opened up the book 2 hours earlier. WOW!

I Do (But I Don't) is great for anybody getting married, recently married and even for wedding planners. Lauren, the main character, encounters many hilarious situations, making for a fun read and one that you just might have finished in a couple of days.

FROM THE EDITORIAL REVIEW: "She creates perfect days. In spite of her incorrigible curly hair, Lauren Crandell is a neat-freak and organizational guru, qualities that make her the perfect wedding planner. But when two weddings in one day go haywire, and hunky firefighter Nick Corona comes to the rescue - twice - Lauren realizes there are a few important details in her own life she hasn't been tending to since her divorce. Namely, her love life. She lives lonely nights. Sweet and sexy Nick seems hell-bent on fanning the flames between them, and Lauren definitely feels sparks flying. But she's scrambling to plan nuptials for her most challenging client yet - a beautiful, cunning, and certifiable Psycho Bride. With the big day rapidly approaching, a series of misunderstandings, mishaps, and mistaken identities threatens to ruin not one, but two happily ever afters. But with her career and her love life on the line, the wedding planner just might learn that you can't plan everything, least of all true love."

The Wedding Diaries | by Linda Francis Lee | visit author's web site
A DELIGHTFULLY ROMANTIC STORY - you will fall in love with the characters.
Linda Francis Lee has an amazing writing style, she definitely knows how to grab the readers attention and keeps you interested throughout the entire story. I even found myself reading the book while stirring dinner on the stove, as I didn't want to put the book down. Luckily nothing got burnt :) And the ending of the book is absolutely wonderful. The Wedding Diaries is a perfect story for all romantics.

FROM THE EDITORIAL REVIEW: He may turn out to be the best gift she has ever received. . . SHE WAS READY TO TIE THE KNOT. NOW SHE'S FIT TO BE TIED.

Texas heiress Vivienne Stansfield's dream of being a bride was about to come true. But in a startling change of fortune, her safe, reliable fiancé proves himself to be neither-and her wealthy, eccentric father disappears, leaving her with no money, no explanation, and no choice but to find a job. Determined to prove that she isn't the pampered princess the tabloids say she is, she seeks the position of nanny for sexy real estate mogul Max Landry's young sisters. With to-die-for clothes and a heart as pure as her gold charm bracelet, Vivi steps up to the challenge. But how to resist her irresistible employer?

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